Stand Out Get Noticed Ltd recognised for prestigious web design award

Stand Out Get Noticed Ltd was recognised for their excellence, with the excellence award for Website Accessibility.

Stand Out Get Notices Ltd wins Web Excellence Awards

To say I’m thrilled is a massive understatement.

Amanda, from ALH Legal Will Writers approached me in 2020 in need of a face-lift for her 10-year-old website. And we had such fun working together to create her online lead-generating machine, which launched in January 2021.

 It was important to me (and to her) to ensure her website was accessible to all.

My award submission...

My client, Amanda is partially sighted and her husband is blind, so I made it my priority to ensure her website was as accessible to others with sight issues as possible, whilst still injecting her personality for potential clients to see.

Her husband tested the website just before launch and it passed with flying colours (although he found one typo – which I later fixed).

Her previous website resulted in around 6 leads per year and she’s now getting 3 or more per week and is in a position to not have to take on new clients at the moment.

Website design and development for Amanda Harris at ALH Legal Will Writers

I’ve always been a huge advocate for accessibility, so to have one of my recently designed websites win this award means so much. It feels like a bit of a pat on the back, and a job well done.

Stiff competition

The annual international competition saw over 950 entries worldwide, including 40 US States and 34 countries including Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, UK, Germany, Ukraine, Switzerland, India, etc.

An international panel of industry professionals with diverse backgrounds evaluated categories ranging from online advertising to mobile applications. The 2021 winning entries showcase the industry’s best interactive media solutions, including websites, mobile applications, print media, interactive displays, online advertising, video, email and more.

The Web Excellence Awards primarily aims to acknowledge and promote creative ideas, business models and innovative technologies on the web. The winners of the excellence awards are chosen from six categories, including website building, advertising & marketing, video and podcasts, apps and mobile, social media and painting. Each category then further includes themes ranging from activism and health to beauty, fitness, sports, travel, etc. 

About the Web Excellence Awards

Web Excellence Awards provide a platform for entrepreneurs, web developers, and digital gurus to showcase their work and participate in Web excellence competitions held annually across the globe. It aims to become one of the most prestigious web competitions to accolade winners’ creativity, innovation, and dedication. For more information, visit the Web Excellence Awards online.

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