Why is visual content so important?

Visual content is so important because it makes life easy for the consumer. It helps them to imagine what it’s like working with you or using a product they purchase from you.

Visual content for small local businesses - personal brand photography and product photography
Have you noticed that social media has gone crazy for visual content? But why is visual content so important? What if I told you that according to Social Media Today, our brain only needs one-tenth of a second to understand an image compared to an average of sixty seconds to comprehend 200-250 words? I mean wow! That’s hard evidence right there! Visual content is so important because it makes it easy for the consumer. It doesn’t make them work hard to understand what you’re trying to say and, in a world where we are all super busy, anything that makes life easy is welcome. And it’s not just social media that has a strong argument for visual content either. SMT also state that the click through rate of a website is 47% higher in sites that contain images. Not convinced? I’ll keep going. Imagine browsing through social media or looking at a website and all you see is text. How long would it take you to switch off? Now imagine it’s full of wonderful visual content. I’m willing to bet that you would hang around a bit longer. Visual content is so important for businesses because it paints a picture. It tells a story and builds trust among consumers. It’s far more likely that a person would click onto your product or service when there is an enticing image drawing them in. Visual content sells the experience and when it comes to online sales and branding, there is little that’s more important. As a personal branding photographer, I often get asked what type of visual content should be used and of course, I’m all about the brand. I don’t mean logos; I mean the journey your brand will take a customer on. Your images should ignite a feeling inside that makes them want to know more.

So how do you create that feeling with your visual content? Here are my top tips.

Even if you do seek out a professional, you will still need to have some of the basics in place.

1 – Make your images easy to understand

Don’t over complicate things. Keep your images simple and let them do the talking for you. When a person sees your visual content, they should instantly know what you’re all about and how you can make their life easier.

2 – Avoid stock images where possible

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great stock images out there, but every man and his dog are using them. Especially the free ones. If you have to use stock images, pay a small premium. They are better quality and likely to be used less.

The more authentic your visual content, the better. What I mean by that is that it should be unique and personal to you.

3 – Copyright is everything

If you do decide to use stock images as your visual content, then please check the licence. A vast amount of people don’t realise that images found on sites such as Google are not ok to use freely. They either need to be paid for or accredited to the original photographer. Using images without the relevant licence could result in hefty fines so be careful.

4 – Optimise your images for SEO

Not many people realise that when it comes to visual content on websites, images can impact your SEO. If you optimise them with relevant keywords, tags and descriptions, it can improve your website SEO.

5 – It’s all about you

This is where I could talk all day long. Whether you are launching or re-launching a business, re-branding or just need visual content for everyday use, remember that people buy into you and your brand.

The more authentic your visual content, the better. What I mean by that is that it should be unique and personal to you.

If you are a small business, the more images that you can be in, the more people will get to know you and in time, trust you.

Visual content can be of you working, preparing, laughing or greeting customers. There is a lot to play with.

The fact is that content with relevant images get 94% more views than content without.

Using a personal branding photographer can save you so much time and effort. They know how to get the most from your brand and they can produce hundreds of images for you to use across your social media platforms and website.

The content can be reused as they are often timeless images and can be shown in various contexts.

The fact is that content with relevant images get 94% more views than content without.

A picture paints a thousand words. With the right visual content your brand can fly.

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