3 steps to refresh your images and increase engagement in 2021

A brand new year is the perfect time to out with the old and in with the new. No, I don’t mean the clothes in your wardrobe. I’m talking about the images you use to engage your customers.

3 steps to refresh your images and increase engagement in 2021​

Whether you’re new in business or have been established for years, varied, recent and on-brand images will help set your business aside from the next.

But don’t just jump into shooting new photos or buying stock imagery. 

Follow these simple steps to refresh your images and increase engagement over the coming months. 

Step 1 - Review your images from the last 12 months

Go back over your blogs, social media posts and printed marketing and make a note of the images that got you most engagement with your ideal client.

Sort and store your reviewed images into the following folders:

  • high engagement
  • average engagement
  • low engagement
  • no engagement

That way, when you come to repurposing your images (see step 2) you’ll already know what worked and what didn’t.

Step 2 - Repurpose your images to increase engagement

Of the images you’ve reviewed, which can you repurpose? 

Images with high engagement might work equally as well with the same or similar messaging that got you a decent level of engagement first time round.

Images with a lower engagement might just need to accompany a different message or piece of content?

For example, if you used a photo of you packaging a recycled handmade silver necklace alongside a piece of content about how beautifully you wrap and package your items, and the image achieved average engagement, why not try using the same image on a post about sustainability and the benefits of recycling your old unused jewellery? 

Then, compare it to last year so you know how best to use it next time.

It’s all about trial and error. Maybe try some A/B testing.

Images with low or no engagement could be used deep within your blog content, rather than as social media posts or, maybe they can be scrapped altogether.

Repurposing doesn’t just mean using the exact same images again. 

Why not try revamping your images (step 3) to give them a new lease of life.


Step 3 - Refresh your images

Sometimes, all your images need is a bit of a refresh or enhancement.

There are loads of image editing tools out there (we like Photoshop and After Effects at SOGN) that will enable you to tweak your images in various ways, such as:

  • changing the colour of items to tie in with your brand colours
  • enhancing the contrast and colours in your images
  • cropping your images differently to change the main focal point
  • adding motion to your images (for example, twinkling stars or a clouds moving in the sky)
  • creating a slideshow of your images
Try a few things out and see how refreshing and revamping your images can increase engagement.

Step 4 - Refuel your image bank

Ok, so I couldn’t stop at just three steps. 

The first three steps are things you can do immediately with little or no planning or spend.

Step 4 is to refuel your existing bank of images and injecting some fresh and current visual content to use in 2021.

Planning your images should be closely aligned with your overall content strategy. 

Think of everything relating to you, your business, products or services that aren’t yet being represented and plan the story you’re going to tell.

Personal Branding Photography is something that all small businesses should factor in to their financial planning, each and every year. Having a constant trickle of on-brand visuals that reflect who you are and what you’re about is key to standing out and getting noticed both online and offline.

Update your images

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