12-Month Photography Subscription

Sign up to my photography subscription service and receive unlimited images throughout the year, captured by your very own on-call photographer.

Unlimited images throughout the year

Keep your online presence fresh, current and engaging with my photography subscription service. 

You’ll get:

£249 per month

That’s less than £3,000 to have your very own photographer for the whole year!

*You’ll receive all images that pass quality control.

Montage of brand photography for Health and Safety Training company, Aly Greenway

Your very own Photographer. Wherever. Whenever.

Well, within reason. It’s not as though I can fly over to Florida at the drop of a hat. Or can I?

Seriously though, we’ll chat about the who, what, where when and how during your initial photo planning session.

But just to get you thinking, here are a handful of story ideas you might want to tell during your 12-month subscription:

  • receiving an award at a classy awards ceremony
  • meeting with a client for coffee
  • shopping for fresh ingredients for a recipe you’re working on
  • leading a tour around your unique gin distillery
  • signing contracts in your client’s home
  • showing a potential buyer around a stunning property
  • shopping with your client to bring their wardrobe to life

The opportunities are truly endless.


Your 12-Month Photography Subscription

Subscribing to my 12-month photography retainer means you can split your eight hours of photography across up to four sessions throughout the year, and book time with me as and when you need it- although I recommend one shoot per quarter.

The beauty of us working together as part of a retainer,  is that you can decide when and how to use your hours. It also means there’s no hefty up-front or lump sum payment, so your investment is spread over the year, making it more affordable.

Brand Photography for Mark Evans, Conversations With Impact

Book a free consultation

Speak to expert Brand Photographer, Gemma, to find out more about how she can help you and your business stand out and get noticed with a huge bank of beautiful on-brand visuals, throughout the next 12 months.

About your brand photo shoot

What is brand photography?

It is a selection of branded images that tell your story in a way that is truly bespoke to you. 

Brand photography injects your unique personality into your business and helps you to be more visible – meaning more potential clients will see you!

Who is brand photography for?

It’s for entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to take their business and marketing to the next level.

Brand photography is for anyone who wants to stand out and get noticed.

How many hours will I get with my photographer?

You’ll get up to 8 hours of shooting time throughout your 12-month subscription period.

Any hours not used will be lost so I recommend scheduling in a session every 3-4 months to get you started. 

We can tweak shoot dates as things come up that you’d like capturing.

When and how often will my photo shoots take place?

Generally Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. However, we’ll discuss what works for you during your planning and design consultation.

I recommend spacing your sessions out however works best with your overall content strategy and social calendar, but quarterly shoot tend to work quite well.

Where will my shoots take place?

Locations are to be decided and will depend on the business you run. I shoot a lot within Nottinghamshire, but am happy to travel. 

If you’re a florist, for example, I’ll want to capture photos in your flower shop (that’s a given) and maybe in wedding venues for shots of you arranging the flowers. Perhaps at a flower market too?

All possibilities will be discussed during your shoot design session.

Can I have my shoot abroad?

You sure can.

If you’re a yoga teacher, for example, and would like your shoot to take place at a yoga retreat in Mykonos. Or, maybe you’re an independent travel agent wanting photos in a number of holiday destinations – just ask!

I’ll need a little more notice than usual and there will be additional planning and costs involved.

Can we shoot in multiple locations during an individual shoot?

Yes! This will be discussed during your design consultation. 

If your locations are far apart from one another, there will likely be additional costs to consider for travel and additional time. But if they’re a stone’s throw from one another, we’ll fit as many locations into one individual session as possible – as long as we won’t feel rushed.

How many images will I get?

In my 12-month subscription, you can expect to receive in excess of 250 beautiful on-brand photos throughout the year. 

Essentially, if an image passes quality control, you get it!

What should I wear for my shoot?

We’ll discuss this during your photo shoot consultation. 

I always recommend wearing outfits you look great and feel fabulous in. 

It’s nice to wear clothes or use props and accessories that compliment your brand colours and reflect what you do too.

Can I bring someone along?

Yes. In fact, I encourage it.

Not only with they make you feel even more relaxed than if they weren’t there, we may also call on them to be in some of your photos.

We’ll talk about models during our planning session too – so that clients can see you working and interacting with others.

What kind of photos will I get?

This hugely depends on the stories you want to tell and the kind of business you run. Generally speaking, you’ll get a generous mix of:

  • headshots
  • full-body shots
  • action shots
  • photos of your processes
  • product shots
  • kit shots

Are there any hidden fees?

I like to be as transparent as possible, which is why I go through everything with a fine-toothed comb during your design consultation. 

Typical costs on top of your subscription might include:

  • venue hire
  • studio hire
  • outfits
  • props and accessories
  • travel, parking and accommodation 

Want regular on-brand photos throughout the year?

Speak to expert Brand Photographer, Gemma, to find out more about how she can help you and your business stand out and get noticed with a huge bank of beautiful on-brand visuals, on tap.