5 Powerful Photo Ideas for Interior Designers

Are you an interior designer who is great at transforming people’s homes, but struggle to promote your business? Check out my top 5 photo ideas for interior designers – helping you to show potential clients who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

Photo Ideas for Interior Designers - an interior designer is pictured with her client looking through a colour wheel.

My top 5 powerful photo ideas for Interior Designers ​

Do you showcase the interior design work you do? Do you share it on your socials, or display it on your website? If not, you’re missing a trick! I wanted to share the results of a brand photography session for Nottingham-based interior designer, Lee Anderson. After an image planning session I visited her beautifully designed home (a feast for my eyes and camera) and captured her at work. Here are just 5 photo ideas for Interior Designers ​- and images I think every interior designer should have (but believe me, there are more).

1. Consultations

When deciding on images to help people to visualise your consultation process, think about whether your initial discussion will be over the phone, online, in-person, or it varies. 

Show what happens during a consultation, for example, do you go through previous interior design projects with new clients?

Do you talk about the full interior design process? 

However you consult, show people.

Business Photos for Interior Designers - consultation process

2. Mood boarding

You can’t beat a sneaky peek, and I love nothing more than seeing business owners who give their clients a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes.

Do you create digital or touchable mood boards?

Is this an interactive process that heavily involves your client?

However you show the ideation stage of your interior design projects, give potential clients an idea of what to expect when considering working with you.



3. Client interaction

How you interact with your clients matters!

As an interior designer you’re going to be spending time in people’s homes, so they need to see that you look like a nice person, are trustworthy, and genuine, as let’s face it, you could be present in their homes without them being there at times.

This is really easy to show in an image or two.

4. Interiors

The proof is in the pudding, as they say!

People love to see the finished article, so be sure you’re properly documenting the before and after process of all your interior design projects.

You’ll have loads of visuals you can share on your socials to get you more exposure and engagement in the world of interiors, and those who might book your services one day.

Plus – why  not tag the brands, products, and retailers that are shown in your interiors images?

5. The person behind the business

People make up their mind about you in a split second, so it’s important you come across as the approachable, friendly, and authentic person that you are.

Ensure you have a number of headshots, half-body, and full-body images that you can use for multiple purposes.

When you have lots of images of yourself doing what you love, content creation suddenly becomes a doddle.


What is Brand Photography?

Brand Photography is essentially suite of images that help you to:

  • tell your story
  • be more visible
  • appeal to your dream client

On-brand images help potential clients and customers to visualise:

  • what it’s like to work with you
  • buying your products
  • using your services

The more people see of you, the more people will get to know, like and trust you – the key factors required when potential clients are deciding whether you’re the interior designer for them, or not.

Ready to invest in bespoke images to showcase your interior design business?

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