5 quick ways to create the perfect LinkedIn headshot

Having a perfect LinkedIn headshot is so important. Unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, how you present yourself within your professional network matters.

The perfect LinkedIn headshot

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few years, you’ll know that LinkedIn is the place to be for busy professionals and business owners.

Initially designed to attract job seekers, head-hunters and recruiters, the platform has now become a fantastic social media networking site for businesspeople to go to build relationships with other business owners and professionals.

Having worked with hundreds of small business owners, I’ve heard many successful stories relating to LinkedIn and the business opportunities that are out there.

But how can you grab your own piece of the pie?

A lot of people are apprehensive when it comes to LinkedIn. There seems to be a lot of unwritten rules about what you should and shouldn’t do or say but the fact is, it’s a conversational social media platform so in my humble opinion, as long as you keep it relatively professional, anything goes.

But, like other social media platforms, LinkedIn has millions of users which means that if you don’t get it right, your profile and content could easily get lost in the noise.

So how do you stand out?

Before you even begin to get social, you need to take a good hard look at your profile. LinkedIn is all about making connections but if you don’t have anything for them to look at, why would anyone want to connect?

There are some great tips out there on how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out but I’m going to focus on your LinkedIn headshot specifically.

Your LinkedIn headshot is important. Unlike social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, how you present yourself within your professional network matters.

This is the first thing people will see. The first impression you’ll give, and if you get it wrong, you could be missing out on huge opportunities.

In an ideal world, you should have a professional headshot taken but in the real world, that’s not always feasible.

If you’re just starting out then the following tips will see you right but once finances allow, get yourself a professional LinkedIn headshot. It will be worth the small investment.

How to create the perfect LinkedIn headshot

1 - Clear the decks

When it comes to the perfect LinkedIn headshot, the sole focus should be on you. Don’t be tempted to place yourself in a crowded background. 

A clear background (ideally white) is perfect.

The only exception to the rule is if LinkedIn are supporting a cause. For example, when Covid hit, many profiles had the green ring around their profile picture. This indicated that they are currently seeking new opportunities.

2 - Face it

Although LinkedIn can be used as an effective business networking site, it is far more difficult to build relationships online than it is in person. When you attend a face-to-face meeting, you see each other in person. Facial expressions and body language are far easier to read.

Your LinkedIn headshot is often the only visual a potential connection has, so make sure you show them your best side.

Just kidding. Face the camera. No side views allowed!

Be proud of those gnashers and welcome your connections with your winning smile

3 - Don’t be a mug

Your LinkedIn headshot is not a passport photo. It’s not a mug shot, and it’s not supposed to be expressionless.

Smile! Yes, you are a professional but that does not mean you can never show your teeth.

You are looking to connect so be proud of those gnashers and welcome your connections with your winning smile.

4 - Be yourself

This is possibly my biggest tip. It’s so important to get your personality across. When it comes to online networking, it’s about building your brand and building trust so if your LinkedIn headshot portrays someone you’re not, your connections will have a surprise when they finally get to meet you. Now, I’m not talking about changing your look. The exact opposite in fact. What I mean is don’t get suited and booted for your LinkedIn headshot if you usually sport a casual look. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. It’s enough of a challenge building a relationship online without trying to be someone you’re not.

5 - Don’t cut it

Don’t be tempted to crop or filter your picture. It’s not a good look. The correct size for a LinkedIn profile picture is 400x400px. Use websites such as Canva to create the perfect size.

Remember that this is a headshot not a head-to-toe shot. Head and shoulders will be just fine.

Happy snapping and shout if you need me.

Using a personal branding photographer can save you so much time and effort. They know how to get the most from your brand and they can produce hundreds of images for you to use across your social media platforms and website.

The content can be reused as they are often timeless images and can be shown in various contexts.

The fact is that content with relevant images get 94% more views than content without.

A picture paints a thousand words. With the right visual content your brand can fly.

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