Injecting personality into your new business

Follow my 5 top tips to help you and your business stand out and get noticed.


First things first, I’d like to congratulate you on  starting your own business.

Well done 🥳

When I jumped ship from the corporate world in July 2020 it was a tad scary, to say the least.

Which is why, along with lots of other business owners, I’d like to offer my expertise to help you along the way.


Gemma Wilks, Personal Brand Photographer - helping inject personality into your business

Inject your personality

We all have a personality, however, I worry that too many entrepreneurs don’t show theirs, nor do they allow themselves to be seen or heard.

So I’d like to share with you, the importance of injecting your individuality and unique personality into your new business.

Follow my 5 top tips below, and you’ll have your dream client, banging down your door, wanting to work with you.

Ready for my first tip?

Tip 1: Know what makes you different

Competition is fierce, so it’s important to identify the things that make you different from all the other copywriters, travel agents, property investors and lawyers out there.

Whatever you do, sell or offer, grab a pen and list 10 reasons someone should work with you rather than someone else. 

People choose to work with me because I’m:

Whatever your reasons. Make sure your dream clients know about them.

Tip 2: Be visible

Having a faceless business just won’t cut it.

People buy from people and they expect you to to pop up in their social feeds, bump into you at networking events and for you to simply say hello once in a while.

Visual content is an essential part of your marketing strategy, so you should invest in graphics, photography, illustrations, video, and similar to help you to be more visible and to tell your story.

Tip 3: Tell your story

There’s always more to you and your business than meets the eye.

Telling your story is all about building trust and and sharing your knowledge, insight and experience.

Story telling allows you to make a connection with another person and help them to visualise themselves working with you. 

Here are a handful of stories I like to tell:

What stories will you tell?

Tip 4: Engage

A great way to get your personality across is to join in the conversation.

Join groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and anywhere your ideal clients hang out.

Offer advice, ask for help, and answer questions.

Engagement is a two-way street.

Enjoy it. It’s a lot of fun when you’re in the swing of it.

Tip 5: Look the part

Does your personal brand shine through into everything you do?

For you and your business to stand out and get noticed you need to look the part.

Here are a handful of ways you can do this:

How I can help

I’m passionate about helping business owners, just like you, to stand out and get noticed through beautiful design and on-brand photography.

LinkedIn Headshot of owner of Luxury Travel Planners

Personal brand photography

Be truly unique with a huge bank of enviable on-brand visuals to help tell your story.

Logo design - Season by Ellie

Branding and logo design

Stand out with a beautiful brand that appeals to your ideal client and gets you noticed.

Website design and development for Amanda Harris at ALH Legal Will Writers

Website design

Bring your brand, products and services to life with a website that looks great and gets results.

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We may be able to help one another.


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