5 Awesome HR Brand Photography ideas to attract more clients

Do you work in Human Resources (HR)? Do you struggle knowing what images to use to promote your services and attract new clients?

I’ve got you! Check out my top 5 HR Brand Photography Ideas that two of my clients are now seeing the benefits from.

HR Brand Photography and personality-driven images to promote your services

It’s a fierce world out there, and getting noticed can be a challenge when there are a ton of other HR Advisors, Consultants, and Trainers, in your area, all competing for business.

If you’re not using bespoke imagery to help you to be more visible and appeal to your dream clients, you’re missing a trick.

I’m Gemma Wilks, Nottingham-based Headshot & Brand Photographer – and I’d like to share with you some of the key shots my lovely HR clients are now using to promote their services.

Headshot and Brand Photographer, Gemma Wilks with her Canon camera during a HR Brand Photography shoot

5 shots no HR business should be without

When capturing photos for any business, we don’t just wing it, we plan. The following images were planned as part of my client’s investment into brand photography and their ongoing marketing efforts. For each of the businesses, Forensic HR (new website in development) and Instinct HR, we sat down for an hour or so, discussed the ins and outs of the business, and all the elements involved in providing the excellent HR services that their clients have come to know and love.

1. Workshops and training

Owner of Instinct HR, Darren Jones, told me that he offers management development programmes which involve in-person workshops for up to 10 people.

We dedicated part their brand shoot to capturing a real life workshop that he invited some of his clients and peers along to.

This first image is one of my favourites from their shoot.

2. Consultations

Show people what it’s like to work with you. Show them how you interact with your clients.

Pam Cannell, of Forensic HR spends much of her time conducting her HR work in-person and on a 121 basis. So we ensured that element of what she does was captured.

Don’t forget about the online and over-the-phone work you do though. 

They are all stories you can tell.


3. Branded materials

Despite the heavy use of digital, print is still very much alive. In fact, I don’t think it’ll ever die.

Having visuals of the branded materials you share with your clients is a great opportunity for you to splash your branding all over the place.

Remember, the more your logo and brand colours are seen, the more people will remember your business for when they (or people they know) need HR advice.

4. Your HR team

It’s all about you…

And your amazing team, of course.

Shout about the people that work for you. Show potential clients the faces and personalities behind your successful HR business.

Not only will it give you that family-feel perception that people go for nowadays, but it also makes it so much easier to point someone out in a coffee shop when you’ve seen a photo of them on your website (public meetings should never feel like a first date).

Having photos of your HR Team also gives you great content to use in your internal newsletter – think along the lines of, “A spotlight on…”.

5. Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes  activities are the bits your clients never see, but often wonder about.

What goes on in the background are stories you can tell, meaning more opportunities to increase the visibility of your HR business.

Perhaps you’re updating your training materials, doing a bit of research, or maybe you’re having a team planning meeting over a cup of coffee.

Whatever you do that you audience don’t typically see, don’t be afraid to tell them about it. 


Ready to up your image game and invest in brand photography for your HR Business?

It goes without saying. The more opportunities people have to see you, your team, what you do, how you do it, where you do it, etc. the more they will get to know, like, and trust you and your business.

If you’ve not invested in a suite of personality-driven photography for your HR business, there’s no time like the present. 

It starts with a free consultation, in-person, online, or over the phone. Let’s have a chat and see if we’d like to work together.