Professional LinkedIn Headshots

People make up their mind about you in a split second so it’s important you create the right impression – with a professional and eye-catching LinkedIn headshot!

Create a great impression with a professional LinkedIn Headshot

A professional LinkedIn Headshot will ensure you’re being perceived as:

  • approachable
  • friendly
  • professional
  • memorable
  • employable
  • someone people want to do business with


LinkedIn Headshot of owner of Luxury Travel Planners

What's included?

Your headshot session fee includes:

  • up to 30 minutes shooting time
  • one photo of your choice
  • one outfit change
  • photo reveal session
  • opportunity to purchase additional photos

What to expect from your LinkedIn Headshot session

1. Book your shoot

Book your headshot session in Nottingham City Centre.

Your session fee of £135 is required at the time of booking.

2. Get ready

There’s not a lot you need to do to get ready for your LinkedIn Headshots.

Here are a few things to think about:

  • prepare any accessories or props, such as kit that’s essential in your job, glasses or jewellery or even items that show off your company branding
  • choose a few outfits that express who you are
  • select colours that you look best in and/or represent your brand
  • don’t forget to iron your clothes!

3. On the day

We’ll meet at the agreed time and place.

I’ll capture a range of shots and we’ll have a natter as we wander around.

You’ll have a blast!

4. After your shoot

Your photos will be shortlisted and you’ll be invited to your online or in-person photo reveal session where I’ll help you choose the best LinkedIn Headshot for you. You’ll also have the opportunity to browse your images in your own time.

One you’ve chosen, I’ll perfect your photo/s and make them available to download from your personal online gallery.

Author headshot for Helen Cooper, author of The Downstairs Neighbour
LinkedIn Headshot
LinkedIn Headshots of life and career coach

Book your LinkedIn Headshot session

Book and pay for your LinkedIn Headshots online for Nottingham City Centre shoots. If you’d like your session to be elsewhere, please get in touch before booking.