Beautiful Business Photos for Graphic Designer

It’s official – I’m an international Brand Photographer!

I had the honour and privilege of flying over to Malaga, Spain, to shoot a collection of on-brand business photos with super talented Graphic Designer, Cara Waddell from Design Hands Studio – she actually designed the logo for my business.

Cara Waddell, Design Hands Studio - Brand Photography for Graphic Designer

I travelled to Malaga to shoot business photos for Graphic Designer, Cara

Whatever it is you do, you have lots of great stories to tell. Great stories that will help you to stand out and get noticed.

I love shooting bespoke business photos for people working in the creative industry, like Graphic Designer, Cara Waddell.

Although I’m a Nottingham-based brand photographer, your photo shoot doesn’t have to be in the UK. I had a fabulous shoot with a fashion designer in Lisbon recently too!

Anyway – back to Malaga!



The location

The location for this shoot had to feel very natural and earthy as Cara is very much an outdoorsy person and likes to be out and about in beautiful surroundings.

We hired a Finca in the stunning mountain-side village of Cómpeta, around an hours’ drive from where Cara lives, in Malaga.

It had the most perfect earthy tones (and views) and had a lovely little area for Cara to get creative!

It was just what we needed for the best photos possible, although the drive up there along the rough winding roads was a little scary.

Finca la Vida can be booked via Airbnb

Finca la Vida Studio No.1, Cómpeta, Malaga, Spain

Outfits, props and accessories

I’d already shown Cara photos of the Finca to help her choose outfits that would be in keeping with the location.

She turned up with the most perfect selected outfits – and doesn’t she look fabulous?

Lots of neutral colours, natural fabrics and a mix of patterns and textures that are in keeping with the location.

Cara also brought along some paints, a sketch pad and some brushes as she uses a lot of painting techniques in the graphic design work she does for her clients.

Check out her work over on Instagram

Brand Photography for Graphic Designer, Cara Waddell, in Competa, Malaga

Know where your business photos will be used

The beauty a branding photo shoot, rather than simply hiring a photographer for an hour or two, is that your business photos will be meticulously planned. We’ll discuss:

  • where your images will be used
  • format or dimensions required
  • whether an image is multipurpose

You’ll come out with images that are suitable for use on your:

  • website
  • social media
  • in print
  • and much more

The opportunities really are endless. And any specific requirements will be catered for, for example, if you wanted a photo that will be used in your LinkedIn cover photo, or a photo for your author bio.

Just ask!

Montage of the view over Competa, some flowers, and my Canon 70D

What is Brand Photography?

Brand Photography is essentially suite of images that help you to:

  • tell your story
  • be more visible
  • appeal to your dream client

On-brand images help potential clients and customers to visualise:

  • working with you
  • buying your products
  • using your services

The more people see of you, the more people will get to know, like and trust you – the key factors required when potential clients are choosing who they’d like to work with.

Do you need bespoke business photos to showcase your creativity?

I offer free consultations. So if you’d like to know more about my brand photography service why not book a date and time that’s convenient for you. 

Let’s see if we’d like to work together!