Nottingham Photographer offers Bargain Photo Shoots across the UK

Want to freshen up your profile photo but don’t want to invest in a full photo shoot? Nottingham based Headshot & Brand Photographer, Gemma Wilks, offers bargain photo shoots across the UK where you can rock up and spend 10-15 minutes in front of the camera from as little as £29.

My bargain photo shoots are popular with business owners, far and wide

It’s not often I get to offer photo shoots at a reduced cost, but when I do, they get booked up fast!

People love a bargain – especially new business owners – I know I did when I first started out. In fact, I really appreciated any free or subsidised services that would help me out in the early days.

I have countless people on my mailing list waiting in anticipation to hear when and where my next mini photo shoot day will be.

But you do have to be in it, to win it.

What's included with a Mini Photo Shoot?

You get the same level of service as if you’d booked my standard LinkedIn Headshot session, but instead of paying full price, you pay a fraction of the price – one that is affordable for all.

You get 10-15 minutes in front of the camera, one photo of your choice from a selection, and a really fun time 🙂

All from just £29 (normally £199 – prices correct at the time of writing – 23 April 2024)

Bookings are back-to-back and fast-paced.


When and where are my next bargain photo shoots happening?

My hometown is Nottingham, so naturally, the majority of mini session days are held locally. That said, more and more, I find myself shooting in other areas.

I sometimes have my special offer at events too, for example, The Big Business Event and Once in a Full Moon Spirit & Wellbeing Festival – again, these will always be announced via my mailing list.

As soon as bookings are open, I email out to everyone on my mailing list with details, and a link to book, of course.

There are normally only a handful of photo shoots available, and I tend to give anywhere from 1-5 days’ notice.

It’s very much on a first come, first served basis.

How can I afford to charge so little?

It’s great bagging a bargain, but in all seriousness, how can I offer them at a reduced cost? 

I mean, I’m practically giving them away!

Occasionally a large photo shoot booking gets postponed or doesn’t go ahead for one reason or another. When this happens, it’s normally last minute, so I put on one of my popular Mini Session Days to fill the time that I’d have otherwise lost. It’s a great way to give something back to the business community.

It’s important to  note that I only allow one mini session per person in any 12-month period. This is to allow as many people as possible to benefit from my special offer, and to prevent people from taking, well, the piss.


Want to snap up a bargain photo shoot?

Like I said above, you have to be in it, to win it.

Subscribe to my Mini Session mailing list and be among the first to hear when and where my bargain photo shoots will be next.

Pssst… as soon as you’ve registered, you’ll be sent a list of any that are already open for bookings 😉