5 Benefits of Pay-Monthly Photography

There’s no denying that visual content rules the roost when it comes to getting noticed in business. Having high-quality photos that inject personality into your business is a no-brainer way to elevate your brand and increase your visibility.

Sometimes a one-off photo shoot just won’t cut the mustard. That’s where my pay-monthly photography subscription comes into play.

Here are 5 game-changing benefits that come from pay-monthly photography:

1. Unlimited images

Most of my one-off shoots come with a set number of images. This is to ensure that your time in front of the camera is focused and purposeful – so we only shoot what you need.

The benefit of my pay-monthly photography subscription is that even though we still plan your images and ensure you have an image for every story you have to tell, you get all of the very best shots from each shoot you have with me.  Essentially, any image that passes quality control, you’ll get!

That’s a lot of images to play with – meaning that you’ll never be fumbling around for the perfect image to use in your social media posts again.

5 Benefits of Pay-Monthly Photography Subscription - Number 1 - Unlimited Images
5 Benefits of Pay-Monthly Photography Subscription - Number 2 - Build a Relationship with your Photographer

2. Build a relationship with your photographer

It’s all about trust when you’re choosing a photographer. 

You need to feel 100% relaxed in their company (something my clients love about working with me) and you need to feel confident that they’re capturing you at your very best.

The benefit of working together during my pay-monthly model, is that we get to know each other really well over your 12-month subscription.

I’ll quickly get to know what you like and how to get the very best out of you and your business/team.

3. Fresh images as and when you need them

You’ll effectively have your very own personal photographer at your beck and call.

Whatever you and your business have got going on throughout your 12-month subscription, we’ll schedule time in to ensure we capture it effectively.

Whether it’s an event you’re exhibiting at, a brand new product you’re selling, a team member in the spotlight, or something exciting going on behind the scenes – there’s a shot to be had!

You’ll be truly amazed at the possibilities when it comes to creating visual content for your business. 

5 Benefits of Pay-Monthly Photography Subscription - Number 3 - Fresh images
5 Benefits of Pay-Monthly Photography Subscription - Number 4 - Flexibility

4. Flexibility

You’ll have a set number of hours’ photography throughout your subscription. How you use these is completely up to you.

If you have a potential shoot in mind, but it doesn’t end up going ahead for whatever reason, don’t worry, you can use the time for something else instead.



5. Spread the cost

This one goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway!

Rather than commit to a larger upfront payment, the cost of the services provided will be spread over your 12-month subscription.

The monthly-cost of your subscription will depend on the scope of your content plan and how visible you’d like to be.

After an initial consultation I’ll be able to advise what your monthly cost will be.


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